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Monthly reporting

Keep track of your transactions

It is important that you have an overview of your data. Once you have submitted your monthly file to amavat®, we will then send you a summary report of your transaction upload and validation messages. This will show your data at the end of each respective month, and your current ‘Year To Date’ (YTD) transmitted by you.

Here below are selected pages from a larger report. This gives you a small overview of some information and details from our reporting that you too can receive.

amavat® additional services:

Being compliant is a top priority, this is why amavat® offer further assistance to keep you on track.

We can help you monitor your sales with regard to the applicable delivery threshold, after separate order: for deliveries to EU countries that are not covered by an existing amavat® mandate agreement at €15.00 per month.

Customising an automatic monthly transfer of data; adapting our IT systems to the desired client data format. After agreement and separate order, provided that no standard data feed can be produced according to our specifications and you want to connect your IT-system €70.00/per hour/per amavat® IT expert.