Working together, with our continued focus on creating innovative services

amavatCollaboration between all the amavat® selected member firms of HLB who specialise in VAT compliance services, along with our strategic partners creates a platform to that can only benefit our clients. With our partners which are experts in the tax field, we constantly update and expand our knowledge and skills to best support the future direction of your business.

Grow your business with amavat®

We live in a world where the obstacle of starting your own business is so low that it’s essentially fallen to ‘Low Cost and Simple’. If you have started an online business, this will be obvious.

What is not so obvious is that growing an online business is dramatically different that starting a business. So, whereas the obstacle to entry is ‘Low Cost and Simple’, the path to success might not be ‘Low Cost’ or ‘Simple’. With the help of amavat® it does not have to be ‘Expensive’ and ‘Difficult’. Our teams of VAT compliance experts know how to assist your business that will make your growth easier, compliant and alleviating the possibilities of fines or penalties from the local tax authorities.

For established companies expanding their reach, our full EU coverage with local expertise, can give you an advantage with regards VAT registrations in other EU countries. Along with us representing you in those countries with regards to the local tax authorities and monitoring the various thresholds.

Do not let expansion control you

To achieve the balance between growth and to increase the chances of success, let amavat® help you manage your online business by focusing on the VAT compliance aspects, thus making sure the expansion of your business across borders in the EU is without problems. As you grow, the key factor will be you, constant stress does not support long-term growth and health. You need to know when to relinquish some control to maintain your sanity and success.

Take care of your business, amavat® will do the rest.

Tax Advising Firms

In Germany:

Strumberger AG

Strumberger AG combines more than 50 years of experience with the forward-thinking orientation of an innovative consulting company. They achieve reliability, flexibility and efficiency through process-oriented work and the unconditional willingness to innovate.

TaxFBA Steuerberatungs GmbH

TaxFBA are a mid-size tax consulting firm with the goal of providing an innovative and future-oriented service to our national and international clients. In addition to utilising modern technology they provide tax advisory services to their customers with a special focus on e-Commerce. They are supported by an international network and have European and Non-European partnerships.

Behr und Partner mbB

Since its founding in February 1998, Behr und Partber mbH have been supporting their clients with their experience and performance. Their clients appreciate not only the good professional qualifications of their employees, but also the friendly approach, the service and the pragmatic support in all circumstances.

Consulting Firms

In Poland:

SETUP.PL Sp. z o.o.

SETUP.PL is an organisation of people who run their own e-businesses – online stores, eBay sales, Amazon, Rakuten, Cdiscount, They are a group of practitioners who know the art of e-business. Omnichannel is their sales strategy that they want to share with others. They want to help other businesses from their experience, mistakes and successes.

Complexity - They can train, or they can “lead by the hand.” Comprehensively: companies in Polish, German and English, taxes, eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Cdiscount,, marketing, logistics, sales management in many languages.

Practical Knowledge - They can help you create an e-businesses together with their clients solely and exclusively on the basis of the experience they have been collecting over years.

Results - It’s the joint results that are important, not the actions themselves. Their trainings end with the launch of sales, and their clients start sales just 4 weeks after the training.

Relations - They base their co-operation with clients and partners on openness and honesty. Although these are not always simple stories, they strive to make yours a successful one.

E-Commerce Germany

E-Commerce Germany is a young and modern law firm which supports Polish online retailers on the German market with legal, economic and technical expertise. E-Commerce Germany offers comprehensive legal advice on competition law in German, data protection and e-commerce law in Polish. The services include, in particular, the preparation of individual legal texts and regulations, the legal review of sales offers in an online shop or in so-called marketplaces, the preparation of audits, as well as advice on the choice of legal form and business registration.

E-Commerce Germany regularly informs on their social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, about current developments and key legal facts concerning the German online marketplace.

Marketing firms

In Poland:

iCEA Group

The iCEA Group is a leader in the Polish SEM & SEO industry. It is an agency that over the past years has specialized in positioning e-commerce clients. Cooperation with our partner is not only a guarantee of quality, but also access to specialists on three continents - European, Asian and American. One of the benefits of the partnership is a free consultation with an SEO analyst prepared especially for our clients. Make an appointment through the form and enjoy professional support.

Free consultation in Polish:

Free consultation in English: